Abstract: this article presents the results of identifying problems of employment of graduates using a group survey. The questionnaire developed by the teachers of the department “Mechanization of Agricultural Production” consisted of 19 multivariate closed-ended questions. The survey results were processed by a statistical method.

In total, 62 full-time students were accepted in the survey, which amounted to 45% of the total contingent.

The results of the survey indicate that for the successful employment of graduates, their competitiveness, work experience is mandatory.

The main causes of the problem of employment according to students are indicated. The ways to solve them are proposed:

  • strengthening social partnership, ie interaction of educational institutions with employers, which involves:

– meetings of students with a potential employer;

– organization of student excursions to enterprises;

– organization of practices and internships at enterprises;

– conclusion of employment contracts for graduates.

  • creation of basic departments at agricultural enterprises of the RS (Y).

The purpose of the functioning of the basic departments is not only to improve the quality of training of graduates, but also to ensure their early adaptation to the conditions of perfect production. It is at the basic departments that all kinds of student practices at the enterprise should be organized and conducted, and in this way targeted training of students with their subsequent employment is carried out.

Keywords: questionnaire, employment problems, length of service, experience, social partnership, basic departments