Abstract: ways to improve the effectiveness of physical training through the use of training devices have been considered by many authors, but this issue is poorly understood.

The high level of requirements for physical fitness of water polo players implies an increase in the volume of technical training. As a result, approaches to the process of training young athletes involved in water polo are changing. And this solution is seen, in particular, in the wider use of special devices, equipment and training devices in training water polo players. This approach has not found wide application at the initial stage of preparation yet, although the need for its implementation is essential.

Research in the field of swimming training of water polo players in the history of water polo in Kazakhstan is not conducted, there is no systematization of statistical indicators of the past and present Kazakhstan water polo. We were not able to find in the available scientific, methodological and fiction literature, sufficiently complete, statistical reference data that could characterize the development and current state of Kazakhstan’s water polo.

One of the many main factors of a successful sports career in team game sports in general, and in water polo in particular, is modern, timely and optimal, in terms of the conditions of work and the capabilities of the athlete. But without a high level of swimming training, the location of the players on the field will not be of great importance.

Keywords: water polo, water polo players, game, equipment, training, equipment, sports equipment, initial training