Abstract: research in the field of swimming training of water polo players in the history of water polo in Kazakhstan is not conducted, there is no systematization of statistical indicators of the past and present of Kazakhstan water polo. We were not able to find in the available scientific, methodological and fiction literature, sufficiently complete, statistical reference data that could characterize the development and current state of Kazakhstan’s water polo.

Olympiad games demonstrate a rapid growth in the popularity of sports and a serious aggravation of competition in the international sports arena. With each Olympiad, a greater number of countries in different sports present reasonable, real claims for medals of the highest standard. The foregoing is particularly acute for sports and, in particular, water polo.

One of the many main factors of a successful sports career in team game sports in general, and in water polo in particular, is modern, timely and optimal, in terms of the conditions of work and the capabilities of the athlete. But without a high level of swimming training, the location of the players on the field will not be of great importance.

The current level of development of water polo in Kazakhstan, provides for high requirements for the athletes of the whole team, regarding physical development and physical fitness. Particular attention in the training of young water polo players is given to swimming training, and the identification of leading factors, to the greatest extent affect the achievement of a high sports result. The gaming activity of athletes playing water polo is carried out in the aquatic environment, which requires players to have perfect mastery of all sports swimming styles and special game swimming techniques.

Keywords: water polo, trainer, swimming training, athlete, water polo player, sport, game, exercises